6 ways to improve car security during lockdown

Although auto protection must be a priority at all instances, in the present climate there is improved prospective for crime with cars lying on streets and driveways all around the nation.

For people hunting for peace of thoughts, Windrush Automobile Storage has place with each other 6 possibilities to enhance your car’s protection at residence.

Steering wheel lock

Maybe the most typically employed approach of rising auto protection, the premise of a steering lock is to avoid the wheel from moving must any individual try to drive the auto. Moreover, these are a huge visual deterrent for thieves scouting prospective target cars. When picking and fitting a steering lock, it is critical to bear in mind the following:

  1. Get the very best gadget you can – with auto protection you have a tendency to get what you spend for, and even though all steering locks will be a visual warning indicator, some hold up to elimination attempts than other people. This post by Car Express provides a fantastic rundown on prospective possibilities.
  2. Make certain you match the item in the most safe way attainable – consider time to go through the guidelines, as straightforward as it could seem to be, and make certain you area the item in the most awkward place for any individual trying to enter or drive the car (interfering with the gear knob, hindering seating and so on).

Wheel clamps

A much more pricey choice than a steering wheel lock, and much more concerned to match and eliminate, wheel clamps are much more acceptable for cars which will not be employed regularly. This gadget locks all around your car’s wheel rim, and is typically employed by councils to punish cars breaking the law.

This answer provides the very best visual deterrent, but as with steering locks do consider time to study the very best possibilities and to acquire the very best item you can.

Dash camera

These tiny cameras typically mount at the leading of your windscreen hunting out to the street ahead, and can be employed to check your journeys as properly as prospective criminals. An more and more frequent choice due to their capacity to include proof to insurance coverage claims in accidents as properly as deter thieves, some methods boast outstanding evening time recording as properly as movement and G sensors which flip the camera on if motion is detected.

Not only a fantastic visual deterrent, a dash cam also has the advantage of currently being capable to record any vandalism that takes place or other suspect action and can be employed to support determine thieves.


A lot more typically fitted in substantial worth cars, trackers can be retrofitted to any car and offer you traceability must your auto be stolen. Dependent on the degree of program picked, some can send alerts to your mobile telephone or talk right with police departments – there are numerous possibilities at diverse cost factors accessible.

Automobile crucial signal blockers

As present day autos are routinely fitted with ‘keyless go’ and other this kind of methods, an more and more frequent type of theft sees criminals accessing your crucial remotely, unlocking and driving your auto away. The very first rule of auto protection it to maintain your auto keys as far away from the auto as attainable to make it hard for the thief to uncover the signal, but for people who want certainty there are a variety of straightforward situations and sleeves for your keys which do not enable signals to enter or exit.

Garage door locks/defenders/bollards

Even if your auto is stored in a locked garage, there are also methods to enhance your garage protection. Maybe most certainly, upgrading the lock on your garage is an straightforward way to enhance protection and develop a visual deterrent.

For people with an ‘up and over’ design garage door, a door defender can be fitted in front of which blocks the door from opening. Mounted into the ground and fitted with a lock, these products can be folded down by the proprietor to enable the door to open as soon as unlocked.

The most long lasting answer of all, there are a variety of possibilities for lockable and retractable bollards to be positioned both in front of your garage or merely in front of your parking area.

Windrush Automobile Storage

In safe auto storage at Windrush we maintain all autos on the button in a safe, managed setting alleviating all of these dangers. Our protection methods and regimes are planet class and reviewed routinely, and we routinely update our consumers on their car to offer them with full peace of thoughts.

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