Dehumidified Car Storage – What does “climate control” really mean for my car?

With the buyer want for superlative automobile storage increased than ever, the phrase ‘climate control’ is now typically incorporated in most descriptions for a dehumidified automobile storage surroundings.

Whilst the standard that means is understood, much less typically talked about are the elements concerned in controlling climate and, far more importantly, what these physically suggest for your motor vehicle when in storage.

Real climate manage demands the monitoring and manage of two variables: temperature and humidity. To comprehend the relevance of controlling these two variables, you need to also comprehend the benefits of exposing your automobile to an uncontrolled surroundings.


It is nicely acknowledged that a cold surroundings is not preferable for storing a automobile, particularly when taking into consideration prolonged phrase automobile storage, with a combine of metal, perishable componentry and soft interior furnishings at chance of contracting and accelerating the aging procedure.

A typical misconception is that just heating your storage location solves temperature-relevant difficulties, but sadly there are far more elements to take into account. Warm air is ready to carry far more moisture than colder air, as a result probably escalating humidity.

Nonetheless, need to the air be also cold it can attain ‘dew point’. At this level the air is completely saturated, and need to anything at all else in your storage location be under this dew level condensation will type and corrosion chance rises significantly.

Additionally, a especially damaging but much less documented detrimental aspect is a fast adjust in temperature – this kind of as pulling your automobile out from a toasty garage into a crisp day. As with any materials, this adjust in temperature can lead to fast contraction and growth which is eventually damaging to your automobile, and if this is a typical occurrence can rapidly affect motor vehicle situation.


When it comes to humidity, there is a fine line to stroll. It is typically understood that also higher a humidity degree will introduce moisture to the motor vehicle, and as a result a typical blunder is to lessen the humidity also significantly.

By drying out the air also significantly there is a chance of dashboards splitting, wood trim perishing and leather cracking due to a damaging lack of moisture.

Sector grade dehumidifiers lessen and keep humidity, which is a crucial differentiator from domestic units which just lessen. Nearly as critical as the dehumidification is the monitoring of this, with prime-tier storage services monitoring this on a 2nd-by-2nd basis and routinely assessing the surroundings.

Windrush Automobile Storage are professionals in climate manage and dehumidified automobile storage, so significantly so that we seek the advice of on the acceptable storage of perishable products out with automotive. Ought to you have any queries on climate manage, our procedure and our storage services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.