As tough as it is to think, Ford developed a mid-engine Mustang back in 1966 and no 1 at the organization, previous or current, appears to bear in mind anything at all about it.

The only proof we have of the automobile are these 4 photographs which Dean Weber identified about 5 many years in the past when he was in charge of Ford’s official archives.

Mid-engine 1966 Ford Mustang - Photo credit: John Clor/Ford

Mid-engine 1966 Ford Mustang – Photograph credit score: John Clor/Ford

Weber, now retired, at first imagined the automobile may well have been turned into the Mustang Mach two idea that Ford presented at the 1967 Chicago Automobile Present, which mysteriously went missing sometime right after 1970. Even so, this was ruled out by market historian Wayne Ferens who in a 2016 interview about the origins of the Mach two idea described a development that contradicts the development depicted in the photographs of the mystery mid-engine Mustang.

However, Weber’s outdated contacts at Ford weren’t a lot assist both. He at first turned to Mustang historian John Clor and veteran Mustang advertising and marketing and PR professional John Clinard for information on the automobile. Neither had noticed nor heard of the automobile ahead of, even though 1 of Clinard’s contacts managed to determine the place of the photographs as Ford’s Global Studio in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford Mustang Mach 2 (1967)

Ford Mustang Mach two (1967)

Clor recommended the automobile may well have been linked to 1 of the ideas created by Ford designer Eugene Bordinat throughout the 1960s and reached out to former Ford designers Hal Sperlich, Gale Halderman and Jack Telnack to see if 1 of them could determine the automobile.

None had an reply even though Sperlich, who worked on the 1st-generation Mustang, recommended it may well have been a drivable model of 1 of the investigation automobiles created as a “Mustang tease,” this kind of as 1962’s Ford Mustang I idea which also featured a mid-engine style. Even so, Halderman ruled this out because people autos had been developed at the begin of the 1960s, ahead of the Mustang was launched, and this mystery automobile is obviously based mostly on the manufacturing Mustang entire body.

Ford Mustang I Concept Car

Ford Mustang I Idea Automobile

Halderman had 1 final suggestion, to try out Roy Lunn. He oversaw a amount of mid-engine tasks at Ford such as the aforementioned Mustang I and the legendary GT40—an involvement that earned him the nickname “Godfather of the GT40.” However, Lunn also could not determine the automobile in the photographs.

Ford is now hopeful that 1 of its supporters out there will be ready to assist it determine the mystery mid-engine Mustang. Any person with information need to send an e-mail to [email protected]