HMRC Customs Warehouses

Collectors and traders of imported automobiles can now appreciate important tax rewards with Windrush Vehicle Storage in London or the Cotswolds. Here’s how our two sites’ new standing as HMRC Customs Warehouses could advantage you.

Consider of a tax haven and you will almost certainly image a far-flung millionaires’ playground like Monaco or the Caymans. But with Windrush’s prestige automobile storage in London and the Cotswolds lately becoming recognised as HMRC Customs Warehouses, our clientele can now appreciate related fiscal advantages, proper on your doorstep.

Following our acquisition of very coveted ISO9001 certification, this most recent milestone represents yet another accolade for Windrush: it is testament to our credibility that we supply the only HMRC expert car Customs Warehouse in central London. Far more importantly, however, our two sites’ new standing could also indicate important fiscal advantages for Windrush clientele who import, export, acquire or trade imported automobiles.

In the course of a time period when on the web auctions have created buying automobiles less difficult than ever, and the proposed ICE ban appears set to enhance the collectability of unusual and exciting automobiles, Windrush’s new tax standing couldn’t have come at a far better time. Here’s every little thing you want to know.

What is an HMRC Customs Warehouse?

A basic way to see an HMRC Customs Warehouse is as a holding zone among tax territories. With each of Windrush’s automobile storage internet sites now enjoying the standing of HMRC Customs Warehouses, we can supply the possibility to delay payable duty and VAT on car imports indefinitely, for as extended as the car stays in our care. Duty will only turn into payable when a car leaves Windrush’s automobile storage in London or the Cotswolds, to be driven and utilised inside the United kingdom on a long lasting basis. Much better nonetheless, even though it is with us, you can depend on our 5-star automobile storage services.

What is an HMRC Customs Warehouse?

What are the tax advantages for car traders?

Not each Windrush consumer strategies to drive the automobiles they entrust to our automobile storage in London and the Cotwolds. The two storage sites’ new standing as HMRC Customs Warehouses is notably advantageous when importing automobiles from overseas that are to be utilised as indefinite investments. It also offers the possibility to import a car, tax free of charge, putting into a short-term bond even though an proprietor decides how they want to use it. A automobile may possibly also be imported to the United kingdom solely to be utilised as safety in an asset-funded loan without having the extra cost of import duty.

What occurs if the automobile is then exported from the United kingdom?

The tax advantages carry on, with each duty and VAT waived totally if a car is subsequently re-exported soon after becoming cared for by Windrush. But do not neglect the modest print: to be eligible for this exemption, automobiles need to be taken immediately to our automobile storage in London or the Cotswolds when imported into the United kingdom. Duty will want to be paid if a car is subsequently offered or registered inside the United kingdom, but will stay exempt if the car is offered outdoors of the United kingdom or stays in storage indefinitely.

What happens if the car is then exported from the UK?

How else can Windrush automobile storage aid?

Because Tim Earnshaw founded Windrush Vehicle Storage back in 2004, he’s stored the business in a consistent state of evolution, often refining services and spotting the possibilities that translate into unmatched buyer knowledge. In 2021, you will see the Windrush big difference for your self when you check out our automobile storage in London or the Cotswolds, and learn committed services the place going the additional mile is all portion of the services.

As this kind of, when you keep a automobile with us – both as an investment or your very own pride and joy – you can depend on a personalized degree of care and consideration that spans from our well-known twelve-phase induction to deep mechanical checkover programmes for the duration of your remain. “In the 17 many years Windrush has been operational,” explains Tim, “we’ve never ever stopped in our quest to increase on what we do. Our initial defining achievement was to be awarded ISO9001 standing. Now, the official HMRC recognition of our bonded standing marks yet another milestone.”

To understand far more about Windrush’s HMRC Customs Warehouse standing, or to inquire about our specialist automobile storage in the Cotswolds and London, drop us a line right now on [email protected] kingdom