How Windrush classic car storage protects your investment

At Windrush traditional vehicle storage, our clientele entrust us with some of the most worthwhile and cherished autos in the United kingdom. There are responsibilities that go along with that – and one particular of the most crucial variations among Windrush and other folks in our sector is our mindset to safety.

Committed to our clients’ safety

Committed to our clients’ security

It goes without having saying that Windrush’s extended phrase vehicle storage spots offer you the most innovative safety in the planet, from cutting-edge alarm techniques to 24/seven monitoring by safety specialists. But whilst considerably of our team’s track record is developed on the additional care we consider – from our twelve-phase induction procedure to our ongoing servicing programme – occasionally it is what we do not do that can make all the distinction.

Enjoying vehicles is a sociable pursuit and at Windrush, we’re as proud of our pleasant mindset as our storage skills. As our standard clientele will agree, we think in a individual touch that goes far past a transaction. At the exact same time, we know it is important to the safety of our prestige vehicle storage amenities to hold a tiny distance among ourselves and the outdoors planet.

Flying under the radar

Flying below the radar

Consider our social media channels. We’re extremely mindful about what we publish. No clues as to our precise spot. No photographs that display entry and exit factors. No trumpeting about the celebrity supercar that is just arrived or near-ups of the safety attributes inside our amenities. We’re personal, we’re understated, we’re discreet – and that is a large element of what offers our clientele peace of thoughts.

Even when we’re offline, we chose discretion in excess of fanfare. Some men and women could wonder why we do not organize coffee morning meet-ups, host vehicle clubs or – regardless of a lot of requests – organize excursions of our extended phrase vehicle storage amenities. Other individuals inquire why we do not have an onsite café for fellow vehicle-lovers to drop by and speak torque.

Once more, it is not down to currently being unfriendly or antisocial. But the reality is, by creating Windrush pretty much invisible to every person but our clientele, we can make sure the security of the vehicles whose care we stake our track record on. The fewer men and women who know the place we are and what we do, the greater. That is why you will not even uncover an tackle on our internet site – we only reveal our precise spot in London and the Cotswolds after you turn into a consumer.

A traditional vehicle storage staff developed on believe in

A classic car storage team built on trust

That discretion-led philosophy even extends to the Windrush staff. We’re proud to have a loyal and trusted in-residence staff, most of which have been with us for a lot of many years. Need to we want the help of a professional third celebration, we restrict our contractors to a closed circle of trusted and meticulously vetted experts who have worked with us for a lot of many years and recognize our want for discretion.

Trying to keep the UK’s best vehicles risk-free is our passion and our enterprise. That may not often let us to be the loudest voice in the vehicle local community. But rest assured that when you deliver your car to Windrush’s traditional vehicle storage, you will uncover the warmest welcome in the enterprise.

The Windrush extended phrase vehicle storage staff is waiting to hear from you. Drop us a line on [email protected] kingdom