The Chevrolet Camaro comes and goes, but sizzling rodding is permanently. Edelbrock CEO Don Barry has created a residing massaging American pony and muscle vehicles, and in this installment of “Jay Leno’s Garage,” he brings a couple of the company’s growth vehicles in for a tiny display and inform.

The 1st is a traditional 1967 SS which has very the comprehensive background. It was 1st delivered to Motor Trend for testing and evaluation in stock configuration ahead of it was shipped off to Scorching Rod Magazine exactly where it was the 1st illustration of a red 1st-generation Camaro ever to seem in in the magazine. At Scorching Rod, it grew to become the testbed for items from many iconic velocity store staples, like Hurst, Lakewood, Hedman and Edelbrock. 

Edelbrock founder Vic Edelbrock bought the ’67 from former editor Jim MacFarland in 1997 and has owned it considering that. In 2013, Edelbrock brought it to the Scorching Rod Homecoming occasion, which was the magazine’s 65th anniversary celebration (and the 75th anniversary of Edelbrock).

Leno praises the ’67’s simplicity and honesty, admiring its clean, comparatively empty engine bay, but also acknowledges the superior energy and efficiency of its contemporary counterpart. The breathed-on 383 sounds great on the street, and Leno plainly enjoys his time behind the wheel.

That contemporary counterpart is Edelbrock’s fifth-generation Camaro testbed, which Barry brought along to display off an additional enjoyable piece of gear: a new supercharger. The housing is cast in Edelbrock’s San Jacinto, California, foundry and the machine perform is accomplished at its facility in Torrance. The complete technique is engineered and assembled in the United States.