On a current episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, the comedian and auto man returned to muscle autos in a massive way. Virtually.

The star of the episode is a 1971 Plymouth GTX, which was otherwise recognized as the “enterprise man’s muscle auto.” Street Runners of the day had been stripped out with beefy engines. The GTX packed a 440 cubic inch V-eight with about 375 horsepower, as effectively as comforts this kind of as air conditioning. The auto proven right here has been modified by its proprietor to contain an air grabber hood, which meant placing non-factory air conditioning in. Even so, it truly is most likely the only 1971 GTX with the two.

Otherwise, the auto is completely unique within and out. The proprietor stated he did a small bit of touching up on the paint, but the colour stays the exact same. That is alright since it fits the land yacht of a muscle auto extremely effectively.

When it truly is time to fire the huge engine up, we don’t forget why this era is so particular. The no-frills method with just a lump of a V-eight ahead of the driver is refreshing to see. Nevertheless, the proprietor does not go for a trip with Leno. As an alternative, the GTX proprietor invited his higher college store instructor to the present, who ends up going for a trip with Leno. It really is a fantastic gesture following the proprietor credits his store instructor for influencing him so a lot of decades in the past.

The 80-12 months-previous retired instructor is nevertheless sharp as can be and will get a handful of laps in with Leno.