Ford final week asked for aid from the wider Mustang local community in identifying a mid-engine Mustang created back in 1966.

It seems we presently have an solution.

But very first, a bit of backstory. The only proof of the car’s existence are 4 images dug up by Dean Weber 5 many years in the past, when he was in charge of Ford’s official archives.

Weber at first believed the auto may have been turned into the Mustang Mach two notion that Ford presented at the 1967 Chicago Car Demonstrate, which mysteriously went missing sometime soon after 1970. Nevertheless, this was ruled out by business historian Wayne Ferens who in a 2016 interview about the origins of the Mach two notion described a building that contradicts the building depicted in the images of the mystery mid-engine Mustang.

Ford Mustang Mach 2 concept (1967)

Ford Mustang Mach two notion (1967)

Jalopnik has discovered from Ted Ryan, the recent head of Ford’s archives, that the previous images are what Ford refers to as “styling negs,” primarily images of types in progress historically stored as negatives. Ford has been compiling them because the early 1950s.

Following passing the images about to some former designers who worked at Ford in the 1960s, Ryan and the designers came to the consensus that the mystery mid-engine Mustang is most very likely relevant to the Mach two notion rolled out in 1967. (A 2nd Mach two notion was rolled out in 1970 and believed to be based mostly on a DeTomaso Pantera chassis!)

Nevertheless, the mystery mid-engine Mustang is not the Mach two notion. Rather, it is very likely a mockup place with each other in the engineering division to figure out packaging for a prospective mid-engine Mustang. Ford’s designers would then have employed the mockup to set the hardpoints for the Mach two notion. The mockup may even have underpinned the authentic clay model for the Mach two notion.

If any individual else has data on the auto, they can make contact with Ford at the e-mail deal with [email protected] The automaker will give a prize to any individual with a tip that aids determine the auto.