The Ford Mustang has never ever had an engine with much more than eight cylinders, but in the early 2000s, Ford deemed upping the cylinder count. Engineers briefly worked on an aluminum V-ten for the Mustang, in accordance to a latest DrivingLine report.

The Mustang V-ten would have been primarily based on the six.eight-liter Triton V-ten, employed in the F-Series Super Duty pickup truck and Excursion SUV at the time, as properly as E-Series vans and buses.

The Triton engine was an outgrowth of Ford’s modular line of V-eight engines it was properly a five.four-liter V-eight with two cylinders extra on. To produce the Mustang V-ten, engineers at Ford’s Powertrain Study and Sophisticated Engine Advancement group took the exact same technique, but with the smaller sized four.six-liter V-eight. This resulted in a five.eight-liter V-ten that was less difficult to bundle below the hood of a Mustang.

In addition to its smaller sized displacement and aluminum building, the experimental V-ten featured quad cams from the Mustang SVT Cobra R, a quick-stroke design and style, and a pair of ECUs to run the fuel injection and ignition. Ford reportedly did not have a single unit offered that could deal with ten cylinders and the odd-fire crankshaft employed for this engine.

2004 Ford Shelby GR-1 concept

2004 Ford Shelby GR-one idea

Executives had been impressed by early check benefits, which is why you noticed so a lot of V-ten-powered Ford idea vehicles in the early 2000s.

The leading brass commissioned a 605-horsepower, seven.-liter model for the Ford 427 sedan idea, even though a six.four-liter model powered the Shelby GR-one idea, and a hydrogen-fueled model appeared in the Ford F-250 Super Chief idea.

The advancement staff also pushed for the V-ten to be employed in the 2005 Ford GT—reportedly with assistance from Carroll Shelby and then-Particular Car Staff (SVT) boss John Coletti. Even so, the GT acquired a supercharged aluminum-block five.four-liter V-eight due to expense concerns. Ford also scrapped the 427—the only one particular of the V-ten-powered ideas with a possibility of production—for the exact same explanation.

Needless to say, the V-ten never ever discovered its way below the hood of a manufacturing Mustang both. Even so, the five.two-liter supercharged V-eight in today’s Shelby GT500 tends to make 760 hp—more than even the seven.-liter model of the experimental V-ten engine.