The Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG Is Still A Super Exclusive Super Sedan

Ever considering that I watched Luc Besson’s 1998 movie Taxi, the Mercedes-Benz 500E has been on my checklist of dream automobiles. Viewing the silver German rockets chase the white Peugeot taxi via the streets of Marseille went a lengthy way in forming my passion for automobiles when I was a youthful kid—I hope, and truthfully count on, that I’m not alone in this.

As the data about vehicles grew to become a lot more widespread, I identified out how unique that automobile genuinely was. Produced in portion and hand-constructed for Mercedes-Benz by Porsche in Stuttgart, it could go from a standstill to 60mph in five.five seconds, which was only a tad slower than the Ferrari Testarossa, a decidedly a lot more exotic automobile. The 500E would go on to prime out at 160mph only since of the redline restrict and the four-pace automated gearbox. It was König der Autobahn, and you could most absolutely drive it as a day-to-day, or load up its spacious boot and even now haul ass for a weekend journey away with the household.

In 1993 the 500E identify was modified to E500 in accordance to Mercedes-Benz marketing and advertising policy at the time, and items grew to become a lot more intriguing with the introduction of the extremely unique, and extremely constrained, E60 AMG, the finish-all be-all of manufacturing W124 sedans.

It was primarily based on the E500, but came outfitted with the 957 “AMG Technik Paket” which integrated a a lot more effective six.0L V8 alternatively of the five.0L M119 V8. It also had 17” wheels shared with the 190E Evo II, stiffer AMG-tuned suspension, and an AMG exhaust program. Sadly, it is practically unattainable to uncover out the actual amount of E60 AMG automobiles developed, but estimates fluctuate amongst a hundred to 150. No matter what the correct amount, it is an incredibly unusual automobile.

The amount is nebulous for the identical explanation so a lot of pre-merger AMGs are challenging to differentiate amongst. In the situation of the E60, some folks would send off their newly-bought E500s to Affalterbach, a modest town in Germany’s BadenWürttemberg area and the house of AMG. The popular Mercedes-Benz tuner—still a separate firm back then—would match people automobiles with their six.0L V8 and do the rest of the conversion, which can make it practically unattainable these days to uncover a “real” E60 AMG rather than a single that started out out as a 500E or E500. The correct factory automobiles have it coded in their VIN although, so it all comes out in the finish unless of course somebody will get genuinely shady.

The automobile is a needle in a haystack, you could say, but they are even now out there. It is the type of automobile you will not uncover unless of course you know of a single presently or come about to have some serendipity on your side. Some of the most memorable items in our lives come about unplanned the locations that we go to, the folks who we meet there, the automobiles we get to drive, the recollections left afterwards, occasionally it is basically unattainable to prepare ahead of time and you have to believe in that receiving out in the globe will yield anything worthwhile. That is how I came across this automobile.

To inform you the reality, I did not even take into account going to Georgia earlier this 12 months due to some situations in my existence until finally my close friends invited me to partake in some filth-inexpensive plane tickets to Vladikavkaz, Russia with them, in which we would then consider a bus to Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital. Why not? The journey was genuinely brief in complete, just numerous days, but we had plenty of enjoyable, wine, and recollections to final us soon after it was above. On our way back, retracing our route, we arrived to Vladikavkaz properly ahead of our evening flight, so I made the decision to consider to uncover a automobile to shoot.

Phone it a coincidence, a miracle, what ever, but it took place the minute I made the decision to discover the fully unknown city in the middle of Caucasus mountains on my personal. A 12 months beforehand, I’d identified out about a reduced-mileage 1995 BMW M5 in Vladikavkaz, with a gorgeous light grey leather interior and painted in the unusual-for-E34 Dakargelb, or Dakar Yellow. Only 5 M5s left the factory in this shade, and 3 of them, to my information, have ended up in Russia. A single had been not too long ago acquired and imported from Japan, so I contacted the proprietor on the web, and, to my shock, he agreed to meet, though he explained that the M5 was dirty, dusty, and with a dead battery, so if I have been interested in any other of his automobiles, he would choose me up someplace in the city and demonstrate me anything else alternatively.

Most of us would agree to allow somebody consider images of our preferred automobile(s) to share with an audience like Petrolicious’, but from my knowledge with collectors in Russia is that they are generally forty-anything-12 months-previous, extremely occupied folks with households, who hardly ever want to devote their valuable time letting somebody they really do not know get all personalized with their automotive infants.

Most likely it was my fortunate day although, since much less than an hour later on Konstantin showed up in a a single-of-two 1996 Carlsson CM 62. I asked in which on Earth he identified it, and the solution came shortly, a single I ought to have identified: “Japan. And my other automobiles also. Let’s go verify them out, we as properly could consider this automobile their. It is up to you.” Carte blanche.

Soon after a brief trip, we arrive at Konstantin’s garage and I uncover myself standing in the middle of a room struggling to pick. Alternatively of collecting a single marque or a single model, he has an evident affinity for ‘90s super sedans from Germany. Aside from the stock E34 535i with faded paint (a automobile with a excellent story of its personal), the rest have been some of the quickest automobiles with 4 doors or otherwise that a single could hope to personal at the finish of the 20th century. The other individuals integrated the Carlsson CM 62 that we arrived in, the Dakar Yellow M5 talked about earlier, a 1992 Alpina B10 (the Bi-Turbo a single, of program) and the a single pictured right here nowadays: a 1994 Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG.

It is difficult describe the feeling when you ultimately meet your dream automobile in the metal. I was stunned. twenty many years soon after viewing the film that started out my obsession with this automobile, I had ultimately identified a single in 3 dimensions. I guess most of you recognize me even if this certain automobile is not your preferred. It appeared practically black in the garage, but as quickly as Konstantin rolled it out the E60’s Azuritblau modified its shade to a deep blue that hinted at dark violet from some angles.

We drove all around the city for a bit and then identified a spot to consume although Konstantin informed me the car’s story. His adore for Mercedes-Benz goes way back, and he’s owned a number of, with some even now on his checklist. His preferred of all time, if forced to solution that challenging query, is the W140-generation BRABUS seven.3S, which was the quickest and most luxurious sedan of its era, and, shock, he owns a single with much less than twenty,000 miles on it. By no means material although, he was searching for anything else to include to his assortment when he came across this stunning E60 AMG that had come up for sale at an auction in Japan. Extended story brief, he acquired it delivered to Russia.

Instantly on arrival the automobile went via a total services ahead of it could stretch its legs on the narrow and winding Caucasus roads, but it turned up to be in fairly good issue to start off with and necessary absolutely nothing a lot more critical than regular due diligence with simple fluids and this kind of. It presently had its brake program upgraded throughout its time in Japan, which however did not match in the unique wheels, so they have been replaced by the 18-inch ones in the identical design and style. It also felt like the guys at Direct Racing Fuji—who serviced the automobile back in Japan—did their magic in the suspension division also, and they put in very good previous German H&ampR parts that permitted it to retain the Mercedes-Benz ranges of trip comfort degree although sharpening up the response.

Sadly, all very good items come to an finish at some level, and I had to catch my flight, so we lowered ourselves back into the Recaro CSE seats and took off. 1990s or otherwise, it steel feels overwhelmingly quick. Scary practically, dependent on the width of the street in relation to this stout machine. I knew that our blast to the airport powered by 381 German horses was going to be anything like this, but the automobile passed the 100mph mark on the speedometer like it was absolutely nothing. Only when I observed that the scenery was moving previous quicker than regular did I get a sense of our speed. Nothing at all else gave it away though—quiet, smooth, assured. And these speeds are no large deal for the E60 AMG, the König der Autobahn.