Why Windrush uses Storage Plus fuel for our long term car storage clients

Ever keen to remain a single phase ahead of any prospective troubles that might come up for the duration of prolonged phrase vehicle storage, Windrush has invested numerous months investigating the troubles surrounding fuel degradation in excess of prolonged intervals.

It is a frequent dilemma numerous will have skilled, resulting in misfiring when a vehicle is restarted following a time period of rest, typically triggered due to clogged fuel programs or by deteriorated fuel. As this kind of, fuelling is a single of the important aspects we believe about when we welcome your car to our prestige vehicle storage in London and the Cotswolds.

The dilemma with hygroscopic fuel

The problem with hygroscopic fuel

Present day petrol is hygroscopic due to the necessary inclusion of ethanol in all unleaded and most super unleaded fuels. The downside of this turns into obvious when a fuel technique is not developed to cope with ethanol, which consists of most vehicles created just before 2002, as ethanol corrodes fuel lines and can trigger inner injury. In addition to corroding aluminium, copper and brass, ethanol also attacks plastics and rubber and absorbs water. The modify to pump fuel due in September will move all normal 95RON fuels to ten% ethanol. These will be marked as E10 on the pumps to denote this. The increased-octane pump fuel grades can continue to be at their present ethanol material of among five – seven% exactly where they will be marked as E5.

Difficulties in the tank

Trouble in the tank

Even just before the addition of ethanol, storing fuel has usually been an situation. In 2010 BP created a report entitled ‘Petrol lifestyle in car fuel tanks’ which stated “Petrol is a mixture of numerous elements with various properties that contribute to the functionality of the fuel. When petrol is exposed to the air it will in time totally evaporate. As it evaporates the composition and properties will modify simply because various elements evaporate at various costs. This is a regular function of petrol, and the exact same procedure requires area in fuel tanks. The place petrol is stored for a lot more than a week it can grow to be stale and it is far better to include fresh fuel just before utilizing, particularly in traditional, veteran vintage and racing vehicles.”

Smarter fuelling for traditional vehicle storage

Smarter fuelling for classic car storage

Although long term injury is unusual, Windrush’s prestige vehicle storage services is created on an ethos of offering 1st class car preservation for the duration of off-street intervals and now provides the choice of utilizing Storage Plus fuel for comprehensive peace of thoughts. Developed by the Anglo-American Oil Business to be steady for at least 3 many years, this specific storage fuel does not include ethanol and will not soak up water. It also burns very cleanly and has a distillation curve that is comparable to the premium, undiluted fuels provided in the 1970s.  Manchester University integrated Storage Plus fuel in a check and concluded it was “far superior to any contemporary fuel in all facets apart from the price” – but for Windrush’s prolonged phrase vehicle storage customers, only the greatest is great sufficient.


Especially formulated to be kinder on gaskets, O-rings and other fuel technique elements in contrast to normal unleaded petrol, Storage Plus fuel is made up of detergent additives for engine cleanliness and antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors to lengthen storage lifestyle. As an extra advantage, its 99 RON and 92MON gives superb safety from detonation.

The fuel option of Windrush’s prestige vehicle storage group

Tim Earnshaw, Founder and Managing Director of Windrush, utilised the Storage Plus fuel in his very own traditional Land Rover on the day it arrived on website. “I’d just been out to give the Landy a run following a time period of rest – on my driveway, not at Windrush – and it wasn’t executing as it need to, struggling up hills and misfiring a minor. A quarter tank of Storage Plus fuel (and a substitute fuel line) noticed it right away back up to pace. An immediate transformation.”


A quantity of Windrush customers have also requested the use of Storage Plus fuel with the exact same instant benefits – and we’re pleased to offer you this fuelling resolution at our prolonged phrase vehicle storage internet sites in London and the Cotswolds.

To locate out a lot more about our fuelling answers and hear why Windrush provides the quite greatest in traditional vehicle storage, supercar storage and cherished car storage, get in touch with the group nowadays.